• 7 Simple Steps to Boost Your Body's Cancer Defenses

    Steps to Prevent Cancer

    Cancer is one word no one ever wants to hear from their doctor, yet it is estimated that millions of people in the United States and across the world are diagnosed with cancer every year, and the numbers are only heading north. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid being another statistic. The following are 7 simple steps you can take to prevent, or at least reduce your chance of being hit by this virulent disease.

    1. Keep a healthy diet. There are no certain foods that cause cancer or others that prevent it, but what is generally accepted is that a healthy diet is key to reduce your cancer risk. Make sure at least one third of your meals contain vegetables or fruits, avoid sugar-loaded desserts and drinks, and reduce your intake of processed meats. Load up on whole grains and unprocessed foods.

    2. Watch your alcohol intake. While there are some health benefits of certain types of wine, the harms mostly outweigh the benefits, especially for those who cannot restrain their alcohol cravings. Several studies found a link between alcohol consumption and the development of different types of cancer.

    3. Stop smoking. Tobacco use is one of the top causes of cancer all over the world, and that's just one of its horrible dangers. If this does not make you rethink that useless habit, I don't know what will!

    4. Lose the fat pads. Obesity is believed to be the source of cancer for millions of men and women. Research suggests that excess abdominal fat can trigger different types of cancer.

    5. Burn your risk. In an earlier article I talked about the many benefits of walking and physical activity. And, yes, regular exercise can significantly lower your chance of developing cancerous conditions.

    6. Stay in the shadow. There are some benefits to exposing your body to direct sunlight, but too much sun can also lead to skin cancer. Avoid going out during midday and stay in shaded areas if you want to avoid sun-induced skin damage.

    7. Stay hydrated. Water is probably the most underestimated nutrient. Drinking plenty of water is important for overall well-being and sound body functions. Dehydration has been associated with bladder and colon cancer, in addition to other harms to the body.

    These are just some of the recommended measures that anyone can and should take as means of cancer prevention. And finally, it is important to pay attention to the warning signs your body gives you, particularly constant pain. A frequent checkup at your doctor's office is also one of the best ways of early detection and prevention.

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