• 10 Marvelous Benefits You Gain From Walking More Often

    Marvelous Benefits of Walking

    Walking is one of the best and simplest physical activities to improve your overall well-being and support the health of your whole body and all its systems, in particular the cardiovascular system. Walking is a free exercise that can be performed by anyone, anywhere and anytime

    Here are 10 amazing benefits you can gain from making walking a daily habit of yours:

    1. Strengthens your heart. Many studies have shown that regular walking does significantly enhance the health and function of the heart, and reduce risk of developing heart disease. This is especially significant to older people who want to keep their heart muscle fit and strong.

    2. Enhances brain health. Forget about pixie dust nootropic pills! Take a promenade on a regular basis to help your brain naturally heal itself. Exercise has been shown to improve brain health, and ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is also helpful in enhancing mental ability, mood and memory; and protecting against brain cell damage as you age.

    3. Lowers blood pressure. Your arteries and blood vessels will relax and expand while you walk as your blood circulation increases. This helps lower blood pressure and can be very helpful for patients with hypertension.

    4. Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL). Walking has also been shown to lower the levels of LDL in the body, while boosting the levels of HDL, or good cholesterol.

    5. Increases Vitamin D. Most people walk outdoors and during daylight hours, which means their body will be exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight required to produce vitamin D; an essential vitamin for a healthy and well-functioning body.

    6. Combats health problems. Walking can be one of the strongest tools in your fight against type 2 diabetes, arthritis, lower back pain, and colon cancer. For women, walking may help you avoid breast cancer. And for men, it can help prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) and prostate cancer.

    7. Strengthens your bones. Your bones are designed to carry your weight and move it around, so the more you do that the stronger and denser your bones will be. Sitting on your bottom all day long is a sure way to weaken your bones and decrease their mass, which may put you at risk for osteoporosis.

    8. Helps in weight management. Daily physical activity is a must for anyone trying lose weight -- and guess which activity is the most enjoyable, safest and proven to have positive results? That's right, a daily stroll can significantly enhance your efforts to lose weight and burn fat. Step it up to some jogging, and watch the calories burn away. In addition to that, you will be enhancing your muscle mass and tone.

    9. Increases testosterone levels. Whether you are an old or a young man, exercise is a proven method to hike up your T levels. Stop popping pills and go out for a hike more often to keep your testosterone levels at their best.

    10. Extends your life. Research suggests that people who walk and exercise regularly are more likely to live longer than those who don't. This isn't surprising after knowing the many health benefits of this basic physical activity.

    So, what are you still waiting for?! Turn off your PC, get off your lazy butt, and go wander the world around you!

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